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Floodwater Management Grant Program Contractor/Engineer Resources List

The SFPUC Floodwater Management Grant Assistance Program provides grants to San Francisco property owners to help them make flood risk reduction modifications to their own properties to minimize their risk of property damage due to rain-related flooding. See Grant Program Example Concepts for examples of the types of flood risk reduction modifications that are eligible for funding under this Grant Program. Property owners who are awarded grants under the Program directly hire their own contractors and/or engineers to perform the projects on their private properties. The SFPUC does not play any role in the hiring or contracting process for grant-funded projects. SFPUC merely provides financial reimbursement to property owners to off-set the costs of the projects.

A Contractors/Engineers informational meeting regarding the Contractor/Engineer List was widely advertised and held on January 30, 2018 at 10:00 AM. Another informational meeting may be scheduled in the future if there is interest from Contractors/Engineers. The SFPUC has issued a Solicitation of Interest to invite interested Contractors/Engineers to submit information regarding their experience designing and/or constructing the type of flood risk reduction modifications that are eligible for funding under the Grant Program. For more information on the Grant Program, please see


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