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100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map

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As San Francisco has developed over time, its hilly topography has been largely paved over. During extreme storms, storm runoff flows still follow the naturally-formed historical waterways. When this occurs, we can experience flooding that sometimes results in property damage.

The SFPUC has developed a 100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map (Flood Map) that shows areas of San Francisco where significant flooding from storm runoff is highly likely to occur during a 100-year storm. A “100-year storm” means a storm with a 1% chance of occurring in a given year. The SFPUC used computer modeling that simulates flooding occurring Citywide under a 100-year storm to identify these parcels.

The purpose of the Flood Map is to inform existing and future property owners about flood risk on their properties and promote resilience. Please find more info on flood resilience efforts below.

The Flood Map shows parcels that are highly likely to experience “deep and contiguous” flooding during a 100-year storm. “Deep and contiguous flooding” means flooding that is at least 6-inches deep spanning an area at least the size of half an average City block.

The City passed legislation that requires sellers or landlords of property in San Francisco to disclose to buyers or tenants that the property is located within the flood risk zone delineated on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's 100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map.

This Flood Map shows flood risk from storm runoff only. It does not consider flood risk in San Francisco from other causes such as inundation from the San Francisco Bay or Pacific Ocean. The Flood Map does not show the exact depth of flooding or historical record of flooding at a given location. Read our full Flood Map Disclaimer.

If you have questions, want to learn more about the Flood Map, or understand what the SFPUC is doing to promote Citywide flood resilience, please review our Information Sheet or contact us at

Is your property on the Flood Map? Please click on the map below to utilize a searchable Flood Map where you can enter in your address to find out. This Map was updated July 1, 2019. 

If you want a hard copy of the Flood Map please contact us at or (415) 695-7326.
Flood Resilience

The SFPUC has come together with other City agencies and stakeholder groups to reduce flood risk that property owners face through infrastructure investments, targeted City services, and innovative new programs. In partnership with our residents, we are building a robust flood resilience strategy. Notifying property owners that they are within a 100-year Storm Flood Risk Zone (Flood Risk Zone) via the Flood Map is one of the tools we are employing. The SFPUC is taking several other steps, that you can learn about here.

Many San Francisco residents have already taken advantage of the SFPUC’s various programs to help them prepare and better protect their properties from major rain events. San Francisco residents can:

Flood Map Outreach Process

The City passed legislation that requires sellers or landlords of property in San Francisco to disclose to buyers or tenants that the property is located within the flood risk zone delineated on the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission's 100-Year Storm Flood Risk Map.


The Flood Map timeline included many community engagement opportunities throughout the process. View a larger version of this timeline here.


Is there a process to review the inclusion of my parcel in the Map?

The SFPUC has established a parcel review process through which parcels will be assessed and, if justified, removed from the Flood Risk Zone shown on the Flood Map. This process is specific to parcels and does not apply to portions of parcels or structures/units within a parcel. A parcel owner would undertake this process to be removed from the Flood Risk Zone. Removal of a parcel from the Flood Risk Zone does not mean the property is no longer at risk of flooding.

Accordingly, a parcel owner may request review of the inclusion of his/her parcel in the 100-Year Flood Risk Zone if the parcel owner can establish that one or both of the following Parcel Review Rules and Removal Criteria (Removal Criteria) apply to their parcel:

  • The parcel’s ground elevation (not buildings or units) is entirely above the 100-year storm flood elevation; and/or
  • Barriers or structures (e.g. solid walls or solid fences) divert stormwater from the entire parcel, such that no part of the parcel is subject to deep and contiguous flooding during a 100-year storm
The process for reviewing and potentially removing a parcel from the 100-year Storm Flood Risk Zone is as follows:
  • Property owner submits this Parcel Review Request Form to the SFPUC.
  • SFPUC staff will perform a preliminary desktop review and site visit to the parcel to determine if additional data is needed.
  • The parcel owner shall cooperate and assist SFPUC in such review efforts, including but not limited to, providing SFPUC with access to the parcel to conduct site inspections and/or surveys.
  • Following all necessary site assessment activities, SFPUC will determine whether one or more of the Removal Criteria have been satisfied.
  • SFPUC will send the parcel owner written notice of its parcel determination.
  • The Flood Map will be updated on an annual basis to incorporate and reflect all property review determinations that have been made. 

Please read our full Removal Criteria to better understand the process.

If you have any questions about the Flood Map or flood resiliency in general, please contact us at or (415) 695-7326.
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