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Sewer Service Charge for Unmetered Properties

Rules for Billing Sewer Service Charges Attributable to Stormwater Runoff for Unmetered Properties

San Francisco’s combined sewer system collects and treats both sanitary sewage and stormwater runoff. Owners of vacant lots, parking lots, and other properties in the City that do not have water and wastewater accounts (i.e., “unmetered properties”) previously did not pay anything to cover the costs of collecting and treating the stormwater that runs off their properties. To address this, the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission adopted “Rules for Billing Sewer Service Charges Attributable to Stormwater Runoff for Unmetered Properties,” at the July 24, 2018 Commission meeting. The rules establish a billing methodology to charge these property owners a portion of the SFPUC’s existing monthly sewer service charge representing their fair share of the costs for collecting, treating, and disposing of stormwater runoff from their properties. The rules do not establish any new fees, rates, or charges, but rather set forth the billing formula for calculating the amount of the SFPUC’s existing sewer service charge that is attributable to stormwater runoff for unmetered properties. The Commission most recently approved the sewer service charge on April 10, 2018.

To account for differences in the size and landscape of unmetered properties that affect the quantity of runoff from that property, unmetered properties are categorized into three tiers of charges based on the “Effective Impermeable Area (EIA).” The EIA measures the relative amount of stormwater runoff from a property. The monthly charge for properties in each tier is as follows:

Proposed Allocation of Monthly Sewer Service Charge for Unmetered Properties

 Tier Effective Impermeable
Area (sq ft) 
FYE 2019  FYE 2020  FYE 2021  FYE 2022 
 Minimal Runoff  <500  No Charge  No Charge  No Charge  No Charge
 Low Runoff  500 - 1,300  $19.83  $20.47
 $21.31  $22.16
 Standard Runoff  >1,300  $32.49  $33.56  $34.93  $36.31

If you have any questions about these rules or their applicability to your property, please contact Customer Service at (415) 551-3000, Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm. If you want to appeal either the applicability of this charge to your property or the tier in which your property is included, appeal instructions can be found in the form linked below.

Billing of unmetered properties begins in October 2018.


Last updated: 3/11/2020 10:31:06 AM