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Large Landscape Water Conservation Grant Program

Updated 10/29/20


NEW! We are now accepting applications for the SFPUC's Large Landscape Grant Program (LLGP). Our Fiscal Year 2020-2021application period will remain open through June 2021. If you have questions about the LLGP process, contact us at If you don't have a specific water-saving project identified at this time, but think there are water-saving improvements that you could implement in the next five years, check out the SFPUC's Large Landscape Technical Assistance Program.

The LLGP provides retail water service customers funding for projects that result in significant and permanent reduction in potable water use for landscape irrigation.

Potentially eligible projects must include water-saving improvements to existing, irrigated landscapes between 10,000 to 375,000 square feet in size that retrofit the irrigation system and landscape to improve a site's outdoor water efficiency and reduce overall water consumption, or convert the irrigation system to accept SFPUC recycled water supply, pursuant to Article 22 guidelines. Examples of water efficiency improvements potentially covered through this program include replacement of irrigation valves, overhead sprinklers and rotorsl installation of weather-based irrigation controllers; removal of high-water use plants; and installation of native or drought-tolerant plants. Grant funding is limited to no more than $4.00 per square foot of the eligible project area and requires a 50 percent match. The SFPUC will evaluate and select projects for grant award based on how well they meet the eligibility criteria set forth in the Program Rules and on availability of funds.

The SFPUC may require repayment of grant funds for projects not completed within two years or as otherwise extended by mutual agreement, and for projects that do not achieve the projected water savings within two years of project installation or plant establishment.

LLGP Program Steps

  1. Applicant reviews the LLGP Program Rules
  2. Applicant submits an application including, but not limited to, a project work plan, schedule, budget, water saving calculations based on the most recent 3-year baseline consumption, and a site map of the proposed area currently being watered by the irrigation system. 
  3. SFPUC reviews application to determine if additional information is required to confirm eligibility and to schedule a mandatory inspection for sites with multiple meters
  4. SFPUC issues a Grant Reservation Letter to approved applicants that reserves funding for 9 months and issues a rejection letter to applicants that don't meet eligibility requirements
  5. For Landscape Water Efficient Projects only: Applicant submits a landscape retrofit plan package with all required components, including project water savings calculations, irrigation, and planting plans. Additional landscape documentation package information can be found at:
  6. SFPUC reviews the landscape retrofit plan and if approved, coordinates with Applicant to develop and execute a Grant Agreement that also indicates the schedule for grant fund disbursement; upon execution of the Grant Agreement, the Applicant becomes a "Grantee"
  7. Grantee completes project within two years of receiving the first payment of SFPUC grant funds
  8. Grantee maintains the completed project in a water-efficient manner that meets the stated water-saving goals and remains in place through the full duration of the Grant Agreement term

Important Reminders

  • Sites with multiple meters serving the irrigated landscape area require SFPUC pre-inspection to confirm the proposed project area(s) align with Program Rules.
  • Projects that receive over $1,000 from this grant program and involve hiring contractors for construction, alteration, demolition, installation or repair at sites other than single family homes are considered public works projects and are subject to prevailing wage requirements under California and City and County of San Francisco law.
  • Additionally, such projects that receive $25,000 or more from this grant program are required to submit certified payroll reports and fringe benefit statements into the City's electronic payroll reporting system (LCPtracker)
  • For more information about prevailing wage requirements and how to comply, read the San Francisco Office of Labor Standards Enforcement (OLSE) fact sheet and other materials on OLSE's website.

Read the Program Rules for a complete description of all eligibility criteria and participation requirements.

FY 20-21 LLG Program Rules

FY 20-21 LLG Application

Examples of LLGP completed projects

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