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Contractors Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I find out about upcoming SFPUC contracting opportunities?

    The SFPUC provides a significant number of opportunities for construction contractors and professional services firms of all sizes. The SFPUC’s $4.6 billion Water System Improvement Program (WSIP) will offer construction contracts totaling approximately $2.3 billion – ranging from $2 million to more than $300 million each between now and 2015.

    For information on the WSIP and other construction contracting opportunities within the SFPUC, please visit the Construction Contract Bid Opportunities page.

  2. Do prime contractors have to pre-qualify for SFPUC WSIP construction projects?

    Yes. All bidders for designated WSIP construction projects must be pre-qualified prior to submitting bids. It is mandatory that all licensed contractors who intend to submit bids become pre-qualified in their specialty areas, even if they have worked previously with the City and County of San Francisco. For more information on the SFPUC pre-qualification program, including a list of projects which require pre-qualification, please visit the Pre-Qualify for Construction Projects page.

  3. How do I pre-qualify to bid on WSIP construction projects?

    To pre-qualify to bid on WSIP construction projects, visit the Pre-Qualify for Construction Projects page for all necessary forms. Pre-qualification application packages may be submitted at any time throughout the year. The SFPUC requires a minimum of 30 days to process a pre-qualification application following submission of all required documents. Pre-qualification approval will remain valid for two (2) calendar years from the posted approval date.

  4. Can construction subcontractors outside San Francisco obtain certification under the SFPUC Local Business Enterprise (LBE) Program?

    Yes. Qualified construction subcontractors located within the SFPUC's water service territory (as determined by Zip Codes) can be certified as SFPUC LBE firms. Contractors who are certified as an SFPUC LBE firm may increase their chances of being included in contracting teams, as they will assist prime contractors in meeting their local business participation goals. The LBE program does not apply to professional service consulting contracts.

    For more information, applications and requirements, please visit the Small Business Enterprise Program page and the City and County of San Francisco Human Rights Commission website.

  5. How can I view and/or download construction bids and RFP documents?

    To view and download construction bids and RFP documents pertaining to SFPUC projects, you must first register with us. To register, go to the On Line Bids and RFPs page and complete the online registration form. After you are properly registered, you may access documents related to construction, professional services and design build projects simply by using your email address to logon.

  6. What is the Project Labor Agreement (PLA)?

    On all WSIP projects for which an engineer’s estimate is over $5 million or greater in construction value, prime contractors and subcontractors are required to comply with the terms and conditions of a labor agreement. For more information on the terms of the PLA, please visit the Construction Bid Opportunities page.

  7. Where can I find project contract specifications online?

    As a security precaution, some project contract specifications may not be available online. If you do not find the contract specification on the Construction Bid Opportunities page, you may request copies of the contract specifications through the Contract Administration Bureau at (415) 551-4603 or 525 Golden Gate Avenue, 8th Floor, San Francisco.

  8. Where can contractors and consultants find information about pre-bid conferences and workshops?

    For information regarding pre-bid conferences and workshops or contracting with the SFPUC, please contact the Office of the Ombuds: Contractors Assistance Hotline at (415) 551-1530 or email:

  9. Who can I contact regarding my invoice or payment?

    The Centralized Invoicing Unit within the Contract Administration Bureau at

  10. What is SOLIS? 

    SOLIS is the San Francisco Online Invoicing System utilized by the SFPUC. For more information, contact the SOLIS Help Desk at (415) 551-4550 or email at or visit  

  11. What is rmCompliance by EXIGIS?

    rmCompliance, sometimes referred to as EXIGIS, is an online Certificate of Insurance (COI) tracking and compliance software system that the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission is using and which will be implemented by other City departments in the future. For more information, contact the Exigis customer support line at (888) 808-0872 within the U.S. and (646) 530-8712 from outside the U.S.

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