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Career Opportunities

We are committed to maintaining an inclusive workforce of talented, dedicated and ethical employees who are committed to providing innovative and efficient solutions in a productive work environment with exciting career paths in a variety of occupations. As you explore career opportunities with us, download our career guide and learn about what you can expect during the hiring process.

Vera D.
"The SFPUC provides excellent resources and cross training programs which help empower me to do my job and respond effectively to urgent matters.” - Vera, Senior Water Services Clerk, Customer Service Bureau
Business and Finance

Our business and finance professionals are responsible for providing a broad range of services in support of our enterprise operations, including financial planning, accounting and reporting; customer service; billing and collection of water, wastewater and power charges; asset management; enterprise risk management; contract administration; real estate, and internal controls and auditing. Our business professionals, including administrative analysts, accountants, CPAs, budget analysts, and contract administrators demonstrate the highest standards of performance and integrity and the SFPUC has been consistently recognized in recent years by the Government Finance Officers’ Association of the United States and Canada (GFOA) for Excellence in Financial Reporting for its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Outstanding Achievement in Popular Annual Financial Reporting. Finally, we are also the proud recipient of multiple Distinguished Budget Presentation Awards, issued by the Government Finance Officers’ Association.

Our communications professionals provide vital support to link our external customers, city residents, visitors, schools, and community partners with our programs, services and sustainability initiatives. Our public relations staff members are active members of our community and key participants in numerous civic events to continually and effectively promote education and understanding of SFPUC initiatives, including green energy, infrastructure improvements, and water and wastewater programs.

We are widely recognized as an industry leader in the field of professional engineering, and employ civil, sanitary, mechanical, electrical and structural engineers and project managers to oversee development and improvements of our critical water and wastewater infrastructure. From engineering student interns to senior level and supervisory engineers, our staff are encouraged to seek innovative solutions to complex problems and explore opportunities across our enterprises, functions and regions, as many prepare for advancement into leadership positions. The excellence of our projects and teams is nationally recognized and the recent Water System Improvement Program achieved 40 national design and construction awards.

Chris Siu
"What motivates me to stay at the SFPUC are the abundance of challenges and projects and the talented people that I work with." - Chris, Senior IS Engineer, Information Technology Services

Human Resources
As one of the largest departments in City government, we offer exciting career and professional growth opportunities for human resource and health and safety professionals. Generalist work is performed in HR operations, and HR specialists work in recruitment and selection, payroll administration, learning and development, labor relations, EEO, and workers compensation. HR activities in the SFPUC are conducted in compliance with City charter-mandated merit system provisions, within a collective bargaining environment, which provides interesting and challenging opportunities for continual learning. With education and many post-graduate degrees in a variety of disciplines including public administration, business administration, personnel administration, industrial psychology, organizational development and labor law, our HR staff is highly effective and respected by our employees, labor partners, and colleagues throughout City and County government.

Information Technology
Our Information Technology Services (ITS) professionals are strategic business partners, driven to implement modern and innovative technologies to advance the agency’s mission. Our IS engineers, programmers, business analysts and administrators work in a variety of areas to support critical infrastructure, business applications, enterprise applications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition. Our IT professionals and applications are consistently rated very highly in customer satisfaction surveys, and we typically lead the way among our local government partners in the development and delivery of innovative business solutions.

Operations and Maintenance
Our Operations and Maintenance staff work in a variety of diverse and dynamic settings to control and regulate critical infrastructure including water treatment plants, wastewater treatment plants, transmission and distribution lines, and power generation facilities. Our craft employees are highly skilled with exciting careers and promotional paths in a variety of fields, including stationary engineering, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, maintenance machine work, general labor, electronic instrumentation and systems maintenance, and maintenance planning. Nearing completion of the Water System Improvement Program, and now embarking upon the Sewer System Improvement Program, our employees are privileged to work with the latest, cutting edge technologies that set the standard in the industry, and our treatment plants have received recognition and awards for environmental protection.

“Since the beginning of my career at the SFPUC, I have had the very fortunate opportunity to work under some of the best plant operators in the Industry.” Ryan, Senior Stationary Engineer, Water Supply and Treatment Division”

Policy, Planning and Legislative Affairs
Our policy, planning and legislative analysts and managers provide advice and support for our Water, Wastewater and Power enterprises on a broad range of issues, including long range and short term strategic planning, as well as coordinate all SFPUC activities and interests among local, state and federal regulatory agencies and bodies. As a regional water utility and one of the largest operating departments in the City and County of San Francisco, we directly influence and implement national and local policies and administrative decisions, and our staff frequently interacts with colleagues and elected officials at the highest levels of government.

Science and Technology
We employ a variety of professionals in the fields of science and technology to ensure delivery of high quality and reliable water and wastewater services, protection of our precious natural resources in our regional and urban watersheds, safe work environments, and sustainable programs, including clean energy and water conservation programs. Included among these professions are biologists, marine biologists, microbiologists, chemists, watershed resource managers, utility and water conservation specialists, industrial hygienists, safety engineers and water quality technicians. Located throughout our enterprises, our highly specialized scientists and technologists are all committed to our shared vision and common goals.

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