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Street and Pedestrian Lighting

Street light with San Francisco backdrop

We are here to help developers understand the street and pedestrian lighting requirements and processes in the City and County of San Francisco. Please contact the streetlight engineer reviewing your project for the most up to date information. Please note that drawings provided are markups approved for current use.

Steps for Successful Installation of Streetlights

  1. Current streetlight guidelines can be found below.  
  2. Project owner fills out Streetlight Review Request with the appropriate attachments.
  3. After review and revisions, Photometric Study will be approved. 
      a. Project owner will know the location, pole, and luminaire used  
  4. Project owner will apply for new unmetered service(s) at
  5. Project owner will revise streetlight plan to include service point information. 
  6. After review and revisions, Streetlight Plan will be approved.  
  7. The project owner asks for and receives an estimate for SFPUC inspection and administrative costs.  
  8. Project owner pays the funds. 
  9. Project owner fills out inspection form and sends to at least 5 working days before to schedule an inspection of:
    a) All streetlight infrastructure before pour
    b) Final inspection  


Below are various applications to help make sure that you have collected and submitted all the information needed for review.

Streetlight Guidelines
The streetlight guidelines explain the requirements in designing and installing streetlights. It includes frequently asked questions.

Streetlight Catalog
The streetlight catalog includes street and pedestrian lights and poles that have been approved by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Please note that even if the light and pole are in this catalog, a streetlight engineer must review and approve the light for each project.

Department of Public Works Red Lined Drawings:
The Department of Public Works drawings are in the process of being updated. Below are the red-lined drawings that supersede those drawings.

Various Forms
Below are various forms to help make sure that you have collected and submitted all the information needed for review.

  • Streetlight Infrastructure Variance: Whenever a developer would like to request a variance form the streetlight guidelines, please fill out this form and send to the streetlight engineer working on the project 
  • Inspection Request: Request pre-construction meeting, inspections for all infrastructure before pouring and final inspection

Other Documents
Below are useful documents to help aid in your streetlight design.

Contact information: - Streetlight engineering related inquiries - Inspection requests - General streetlight related inquiries, as-built inquiries and redlined drawings

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